Video Library

Lawyering Skills 

  • 3 tips for being a better negotiator
  • How profanity can lose an argument
  • Writing
    • The anatomy of a persuasive paragraph
    • How to write a persuasive email
  • How to be resilient

Talking to clients

  • How to break bad news to a client
  • How to rehabilitate damaged client relationships
  • The importance of small moments when communicating with your client
  • 6 tips for being dynamic on Zoom

Leadership & Supervision

  • How to mentor Millennials (and how to be mentored when you’re a Millennial)
  • The secret element to great leadership: Patience
  • 7 tips for supervising remotely
  • How to be a better delegator
  • The importance of recognizing paradigm shifts in the law
  • How to make a difficult decision

Business Development

  • The biggest reason you miss your “sales” targets
  • Ideas for Introverts: How to make conference networking easier
  • How to develop your elevator pitch
  • How to close a client  

Office Dynamics

  • When you have to go over your boss’s head

Staying Safe & Mental Health

  • The importance of having a healthy distraction outside the office
  • A short explanation of the disciplinary system

Humor (because we all need a giggle sometimes) 

  • How not to behave on a Zoom call
  • The biggest lie in air travel