Any Hope for a Uniform Ethics Code? Nope.

Dear naive people who dream of one day living in a world where every lawyer lives under a single ethics code.  Here’s yet another sign that you’re never going to experience the nirvana you desire. 

A bit much?  Of course, but that’s how I roll.

Last week the ABA’s Commission on Ethics 20/20 sent a report to the group’s House of Delegates in which they recommended various changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct (I’ll be blogging about those details plenty, so check back).  In the Introduction and Overview, they made it clear that this arm of the ABA did not intend to advocate a uniform, country-wide ethics code. They said,

“Some commentators have
suggested that state-based judicial regulation of the profession is unworkable in the modern environment. The Commission concluded, as did the [Multi-Jurisdictional Practice] Commission before it, that those advocating for a departure from state-based judicial regulation of the legal profession in the U.S. had not made their case and, indeed, that there remain strong reasons to maintain our state-based system of judicial regulation”
(footnotes omitted).

Get used to it, campers…state-to-state nuances are here to stay.  Oh, be honest…you knew it would be that way!


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