Book Review: Read Half of Twitterville.

TwittervilleMany of us have spoken with someone who’s uttered, “I just don’t see how Twitter can be helpful for business.”  They usually go on to say something obnoxious like, “It all seems so frivolous– I mean, who cares about what you ate for dinner?!”  I’ve spent a lot of time trying to explain the business benefits to people like that, with mixed results.  Well, you no longer have to be frustrated, because now you could simply tell those people to read “Twitterville” by Shel Israel.

Mr. Israel shows how Twitter can be used effectively for business purposes.  He recounts the origin of the platform and also talks about some effective, current uses in the business world.  But all is not as rosy as it sounds. 

The first half of Twitterville is a great business book.  The second half is a series of case studies and it’s just not that interesting.  My recommendation:  Definitely read Twitterville, but you can put it down after around page 190.


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