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Stuart’s Secrets to Sanity and Success in the Law

I’m kicking up the attention that I give to a Facebook page I started called the Lawyer Survival Center.  I’m going to try to provide lawyers with direction for surviving and thriving in the practice of law. Think, “lawyer inspiration.”

This blog will continue to focus on ethics issues, and the Facebook page will talk more about lifestyle issues and personal growth.  I’ll be trying to talk about the following…Stuart’s Secrets to Sanity and Success in the Law

1- Be Inspired.  Pursue a goal greater than yourself, pursue a sense of mission and believe in the nobility of the profession.

2- Be the Best.  Be the best at what you do.

3- Be Daring.  Have the right attitude—an open mind, optimism, pursue everything with relentless determination, push the envelope.

4- Be Present.  Focus on the present moment.

5- …but Be Driven. Pursue continual personal growth, always try to “Get Better.”

6- Be Safe. Take care of yourself and learn your ethics rules

7- Be Generous.  Give back, do charitable work, pay it forward, do pro bono work.

8- Just, “Be.”  Live a rich life outside the office–Sports, art, entertainment, fun, romance, and intrigue are indispensable parties.


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Some Lawyer Inspiration

I’m going to mix up my future blog posts.  In addition to writing about ethics and persuasive writing, I’m going to start throwing in some inspiration.  I’ll provide some guidance that gives lawyers a proverbial shot in the arm…a few words that help keep our spirits up.

It all fits with my larger mission- to help lawyers stay out of trouble.  I’ve long believed that there is a simple formula in that regard:  Stay smart, stay safe and stay spirited. Continue to improve your skills, mind the ethics rules, and stay inspired.  Smart, safe, spirit–all three are needed if we are to ensure long term success and sanity.
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