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Changing this Blog

I’m officially changing the tenor of this blog.  It’s now going to be about all of the strange ideas going through my mind at any given point in time, whether it’s work related, personal or otherwise (what else is there?)  It’s going to be more like an online journal than anything else, which by definition means that it will have no sense of direction at all!  Maybe a pattern will emerge as I make a number of entries, but for now it’s just going to be about whatever is on my mind at the time I write. 

I can tell you right off the bat that I’m concerned about one thing in particular– I don’t know how revealing I should be.  I’d like to lay it all out there, but I don’t know if I have the guts.  I don’t know if I’m comfortable letting everyone see what lies behind the curtain.  Well, I guess we’ll all see together….

There’s a New Paradigm in CLE

 There’s a new paradigm in continuing legal education.

We can no longer consider the “topic” of our seminars to be the primary consideration when developing programming. In this age of increased competition, we must spend far more time considering the quality of the content. In this new paradigm, the key to developing successful CLE content will be to make our programming captivating.

Viewers are captivated by humor, inspiration and passion and that’s exactly what we must provide if we’re going to thrive in the next decade. Seminar topics are still a major consideration, but we must put more emphasis than ever before on making our content captivating. Heck, anyone can create a seminar about an important legal topic. But only few people can create a seminar about important legal topics that people actually want to watch.

This new paradigm– the need to be captivating– applies to both online and live content. It applies to State Bar Associations and for-profit providers alike. We’ve got to get and keep our audience’s attention.

Send me your Story of Survival in the Law

There are a lot of struggling attorneys. We struggle both in our professional life and our personal life. Far too often, those lines blur so much that we don’t know where one starts and the other leaves off. Some of us are doomed to suffer for our entire careers, but many of us find a way to survive the profession and ultimately thrive.

I’d like to start collecting survival stories from members of the bar. Did you find a way to find satisfaction in the practice? How did you do it? A change of mindset, perhaps? A move from a firm to in-house counsel? Whatever it was, I’m interested.

What I’m looking for are examples of how people changed something in their personal career that made them happy, but at the same time allowed them to stay in the practice of law. Fee free to post your stories here, or e-mail them to me directly at

Here’s the disclaimer: As you may know, I’m a professional speaker and writer and my intention is to use these stories, ultimately, in my seminars, speeches, articles, books and similar presentations. When you give me your stories, you’re giving me the right to use them in my speeches and writings without compensating you. I’ll be happy to mention you in the story if you want, so just let me know if you want credit of you’d prefer to stay anonymous. Thanks.

New Episode of Two Lawyer’s in a Pod[cast] is on line!

Check out the latest episode of the funny podcast for lawyers written and performed by me, Stuart Teicher, and my good friend Sean Carter, the ”funniest lawyer in America.”

You can find it here, or subscribe on iTunes.  Enjoy!

Bored Lawyers…AWAKE!

Tired of the same old boring Podcasts for lawyers?  Finally, I give you…relief! 

You’ve got to check out the new podcast that I co-wrote with my friend Sean Carter.  It’s called Two Lawyers in a Pod[Cast] and it’s a funny take on current events in the law.  You can download the pilot episode here:

Sean and I are both professional speakers.  Sean is America’s foremost (and likely only) “Humorist at Law.” His Comedic Legal Education topics run the gamut from ethics to diversity and everything in between.  I bill myself as the “Critical Skills Guru.” I travel the country teaching the critical lawyering skills of writing, speaking and negotiations in an inspiring and amusing way.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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The jury’s still out on whether Twitter is worthwhile.  So far I’ve seen nothing other than shamefull self promotion.  I don’t mean shameless– no, that would be okay.  I mean shameful…the kind of promotion that makes you want to purposely NOT use someone’s services.  Oh well, meanwhile, here’s how you can follow me if you’d like.  I can’t promise anything too interesting, but I will follow back.

Don’t bother reading this, it’s only a test post.


Great Skills Can Save Your Salary

The ABA Journal says Big Law has changed forever and that salary cuts for many lawyers have arrived.  But the most interesting statement in the article was this quote, “Those with stellar skills and work ethics may not see any pay reduction at all.”

Remember– Only the smart will survive, so get smart and you will thrive!  Check out the ABA article here:

Tough Times Call for Sharp Skills

Every day more layoffs are reported at law firms throughout the country.  The situation certainly creates an unfortunate position for the lawyers who are let go, but it also results in increased demands upon those who remain. 


Remaining lawyers are expected to perform at higher levels than before.  Caseloads increase and the need to demonstrate the strength of the firm creates an added pressure upon attorneys to improve the quality of their representation.


Attorneys assure clients of the stability of their firm by performing at an enhanced level.  That is demonstrated by exhibiting superior lawyering skills.   It’s crucial to focus on the essential tools of the craft—writing, speaking and negotiating.  These disciplines are the foundation of quality legal representation. 


Rise to the challenge presented by these tumultuous times by keeping your critical lawyering skills sharp.

Tips for Improving Your Legal Writing

I saw this nice little article on called “Seven Ways to Improve Your Legal Writing Skills.”  Hope it helps!